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Amplify Your Mindset Podcast – Episode 78 – Brian Parsley

Brian Parsley – Business Strategist Brian Parsleyis a Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst and Human Capital Strategist, and is rated one of the top business speakers in the U.S. He guides business leaders to increase sales effectiveness, delight customers and build profits. Brian’s professional career follows the classic trajectory—working upward from the bottom rung in the Temporary Staffing Business where he learned

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The Importance of Mindset at Work and in Life

Take Action to Your Mindset and Unlock Your Full Potential! As a motivational speaker, I stress the importance of “mindset” in everything we do. We all want to succeed in our work and live happy, healthy lives. You might have goals to help yourself do this: to increase your team’s sales volume, spend more time with the kids, eat better,

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7 Key Mindset Factors to Enhance Sales

7 Key Mindset Factors to Enhance Sales Your mind will work overtime to make sure your results match your beliefs. If you believe something is too difficult, your mind is going to find ways to make sure your outcomes match your beliefs. The same is true if you think you’re not good enough or that a goal is impossible to

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Clear the Clutter Will Enhance Your Mindset and Success

Clear the Clutter Will Enhance Your Mindset and Success! How do you enhance your mindset? You know it will feel great when you finally tackle that long overdue project or simply clear the clutter from the top of your work area; yet, the task can seem so daunting that you put it off until tomorrow. The problem is that tomorrow

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