7 Key Mindset Factors to Enhance Sales

7 Key Mindset Factors to Enhance Sales

Your mind will work overtime to make sure your results match your beliefs. If you believe something is too difficult, your mind is going to find ways to make sure your outcomes match your beliefs. The same is true if you think you’re not good enough or that a goal is impossible to achieve. What you believe about yourself and your goals will always dictate your results.

In my training programs and keynote speeches, I am consistently asked how sales and hypnosis are synonymous. The answer is your mindset. Your mind will always believe the thoughts you feed it. Having a great product is key to success in sales, but the best sales personnel have a can-do mindset that’s constantly working to produce what your mind believes you can achieve.

What you believe about yourself not only affects your reality, but it also affects those you interact with. It’s not about making people buy, but rather about getting customers to come to you and wanting you to be their solution provider. Anyone can develop that can’t-fail belief system and stake their claim as a top salesperson by implementing the following seven mindset factors:

Be the Expert: Know your product/service, as well as that of your competition. When you’re a highly-informed expert who has the answers people seek, they will build confidence in your expertise and trust you as their go-to source for the solutions they need.

Be Prepared: The unexpected can catch you off guard and throw you off track. There will be unanticipated questions, concerns, and changes in a prospective client’s needs. By being prepared, you’ll be ahead of the game and be viewed as a knowledgeable and well-prepared salesperson who is able to overcome obstacles and find the best solution for the circumstances at hand.

Be Engaging: Personality matters. Be likeable, interesting, and present yourself and your product/service in a friendly and considerate manner. Listen as much as you talk—people want to know that you’re interested in them, not just a sale. Treat your prospects as if they’re important to you and let them know you genuinely care about helping them. When you do, you’ll earn their approval, and above all, their trust—both of which are required before you’ll get their business.

Know Your Customers: What are their needs? What are their problems? What issues, details, or features are most important to them? Is price a consideration, or are quality and benefits their priority? By knowing your customers, you can be reasonably sure that you’re responding to the issues that matter most to them … and letting them know that they matter to you.

Be on the Right Track: You can’t get to any destination if you don’t know where you’re going. Streamline your success by setting goals and giving them timelines. Stay focused on those goals until you achieve them. If you lose focus, even temporarily, you will become sidetracked or find that you’ve lost your way. Remember to review your goals often—as circumstances change, so should your goals. Then, you can be assured that your goals are still relevant and applicable to what you currently want to accomplish.

Be Willing to Grow–Self-Discovery Never Ends: My programs and keynote speeches encourage growth and self-discovery, and for good reason: they are key to success in every industry, especially sales. The mind is incredible and has an infinite capacity to learn, discover, and adapt to people, situations, and circumstances. Self-discovery programs will also enhance your belief system and help you create the positive, success mindset required to master salesmanship at all levels.

Be Aware of Doubt and How to Repel It: As a salesperson, you will encounter doubt by prospective clients, and you’ll be trained in the best ways to counter that doubt and put others at ease. However, the greatest doubt you will encounter is self-doubt—the doubt you have in yourself and your abilities. When your mind doesn’t believe that it can actually achieve, it’s not going to help you—it’s only going to do what you tell it is possible. Create a keen awareness and recognize when doubt infiltrates your thoughts and quickly replace that doubt with positive thoughts that affirm your goals. With consistency and repetition, doubt will become a thing of the past and be replaced with an infallible belief system that will find a way to make even the most difficult goals possible.

Your thoughts and your results will always be aligned—they cannot flow in different directions. Control your results by gaining control of your thoughts! Your mindset is the one tool that will unlock your success. Before you can sell to others, you have to buy into yourself and the results you want. When you sell yourself on yourself, others will be sold on you, as well.

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