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Taking Successful Cultures to the Next Level by Reducing Stress and Enhancing Human Potential!

Ricky Kalmon will show you and your organization how to awaken Leverage Your Mindset easily and effectively into inspired action. This isn’t the typical motivational moment. Leveraging Your Mindset is about organizational transformation.  Using the most powerful asset of your mindset, you can grow beyond excellence, into a spectacular realization of your best self.

Transformation at this level isn’t as difficult as we think. Reducing stress, removing doubt, and enhancing optimistic vision heightens human potential.

All too often doubt, stress or preconceived outcomes get stuck in our head like magnets. Most people know this can sabotage our success before we even begin to do something. Having the right mindset can be the key element that allows an individual or culture of team to leverage their own success and growth.  Enhancing a culture of optimistic vision is about repelling doubt and attracting the positive thoughts to enhance attitude, productivity, confidence, goals and the bottom line.

For more information on a program that best fits your team, contact William Sax:  william@rickykalmon.com

“Ricky delivered an entertaining and very important message for our team during spring training! Everyone really enjoyed the passion and energy he brought to the event while supporting it with takeaways that will help us in chasing a World Series title!”
Chad Bohling, Director of Mental Conditioning
New York Yankees

Program Topics:

  • Mindfulness
  • Reduce, Cope, and Manage Stress
  • Removing Doubt – Adapting to Change
  • Unlock Your Selling Ability
  • Health and Wellness
  • Setting and Achieving Goals – Overcoming the Status Quo
  • Performance, Productivity, and Prosperity! – ACCOUNTABILITY!
  • Boosting Confidence and Belief – The Power of Self-Talk
  • You Don’t Have Problems … You Have Challenges
  • Work, Life, and Balance to be Present

Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Amplify Your Life!

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