Clear the Clutter Will Enhance Your Mindset and Success!

How do you enhance your mindset? You know it will feel great when you finally tackle that long overdue project or simply clear the clutter from the top of your work area; yet, the task can seem so daunting that you put it off until tomorrow. The problem is that tomorrow never comes, and the to-do list doesn’t get any shorter, resulting in overwhelm and overload. To make matters worse, the more overwhelmed we are, the less we accomplish.

Studies have shown that we spend an entire week of one year looking for items we cannot locate. This is proof that clutter is a distraction. Not only does it reduce productivity and efficiency, but it also contributes to the biggest energy zapper we know—stress.

Imagine how good it feels to have a clean, organized workplace. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you remove the clutter from your desk, tidy your garage, or finally make progress on that to-do list. It’s a major accomplishment and motivator!

If a cluttered desk can have such an impact on our productivity and outlook, imagine the effects of a cluttered mind. Minds that overloaded and cluttered with thoughts can distract us from the task at hand and sabotage our success. We cannot focus on our well-intentioned thoughts and ideas when they’re buried under confusion, doubt, or worry.

In the same way that cleaning a desk of clutter increases productivity and efficiency, clearing the mind of clutter can increase our focus on projects and goals. A clear mind is one that can tackle a problem and find a solution, set goals and accomplish them, and focus on the things that produce results, not overload.

Begin today to create clarity about your thoughts, keeping those that will serve you and your goals, and clearing those that zap your motivation and sabotage your goals. Here are three ways you can hold yourself accountable to your goals and take action toward the completion of your goals, thoughts, and projects:

1. Relax: Yes, relax. While it might seem like relaxing isn’t productive, it truly is! When you’re relaxed, you clear your mind of the thoughts, anxieties, worries, and constant interruptions in the thought process, which helps you concentrate and focus on the task at hand. By clearing your mind of its endless chatter, relaxing can make you feel as energized and refreshed as if you’d taken a much-needed nap.

2. Clean out your thoughts. Like cleaning a closet, keep what you need and get rid of the thoughts that no longer serve you. Do you have excuses, doubts, or fears? Toss them out, especially if they are old and no longer serve you or the situation at hand. One good way to do this is to organize your thoughts into two categories: positive and negative. Keep the positive thoughts that will benefit you and eliminate the negative.

3. Prioritize, don’t procrastinate. Rather than being so overwhelmed because there is so much to do to the point that you don’t know where to start (and, therefore, you find that you don’t do anything at all), prioritize your tasks. Then dive right in and start completing them. Finish one before you begin another or even let it enter your mind. As you see progress being made, you’ll be inspired to keep going down the list, checking them off one at a time.

Before you know it, your mind and your life will be clutter free. Imagine how great it will feel to be more efficient and productive. That’s what happens when you clear the clutter that produces results you don’t want, so you can make room for the clarity and focus on what you do want.

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