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Amplify Your Mindset Podcast – Episode 35 – Nancy Irwin

Dr. Nancy Irwin, Clinical Psychologist at Seasons in Malibu who specializes in trauma and addiction recovery. Dr. Nancy Irwin is a licensed clinical psychologist and highly sought after addiction therapist who specializes in hypnotherapy, as well as other holistic approaches for treating addictive behaviors, sexual abuse recovery, and other traumas. She currently works as a Primary Therapist at Seasons in

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Amplify Your Mindset Podcast – Episode 34 – Zeev Neuwirth MD

Dr. Zeev Neuwirth is the Author of the Book, Reframing Healthcare – A Roadmap for Creating Disruptive Change Dr. Zeev Neuwirth currently serves as the Senior Medical Director of Population Health for Atrium health. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Neuwirth served as the Senior Medical Director for Primary Care Services and the Chief Clinical Executive of the Atrium Health Medical

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