Corporate Motivational Speaker with a Focus on Anticipating Change

It’s been said that people don’t like change, but change, large or small, is inevitable and necessary in business and in life. We cannot evolve and grow without it. Through change, we’ve made major advancements, increased our productivity and efficiency, and seen phenomenal progress in science, medicine, and technology. The problem people have with change is not that it happens, but in the fact that they are not prepared for it.

When the iPhone was first released in 2007, it became a sensational bestseller among wireless phones. At the forefront of technology, and with happy customers and booming sales, Apple could have stopped there. Instead, the company made changes to their product, and the very next year, they released a new model, the iPhone 3G. Today, there have been a total of nine different iPhones, each one different than the last. Changing a successful product might seem like a poor business move, but Apple has made change the cornerstone of their success. Rather than reacting to what their customers want, they anticipate it. As a result, their business has sold more than 500 million iPhones since 2007.

Change causes anxiety and stress for some people, though, because it invites risk and uncertainty. They might not see how the change will affect or benefit them, or they could be reluctant to move out of their comfort zone and familiar routine. Our reluctance to accept change is part of our mindset. It stems from our attitudes and beliefs. If we believe that change will not be good, we will perceive any change negatively. However, if we approach change with an open mind, we can adapt to it and contribute to its positive outcome.

Change is necessary for growth. Both businesses and people must be willing to change. That willingness starts with our subconscious mind, where our beliefs are stored. In order to reduce the anxiety, stress, and uncertainty connected with change, we need to learn to anticipate it and accept that change is inevitable in life. Rather than being caught off guard, we can affirm the value, opportunities, and benefits that change can bring with positive thoughts. Then when change does occur, and it will, we will be prepared and able to adapt to it. As a result, anxiety and stress will decline as cooperation and positivity increase.

When we are able to anticipate change with a positive mindset, we can look forward to evolving with it without fear. Then, like Apple and the iPhone, we can use change as the marker of our success, rather than a deterrent to it.

The mind has an incredible ability to continually change, adapt, and improve. Personal and professional growth actually stimulates the mind, encourages innovation and creative thinking, and increases curiosity. Every new experience and piece of knowledge becomes part of the phenomenal encyclopedia stored in our mind. It is never lost—our subconscious continually refers to it in everything we do.

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