Human Performance Leadership Programs

The human mind has an astounding capacity for learning. Unlike a computer’s hard drive, there is no limit to the knowledge and experiences that can be stored in it. Motivational Speaker Ricky Kalmon delivers powerful programs to enhance leadership.

Human Performance

The mind has an incredible ability to continually change, adapt, and improve. Personal and professional growth actually stimulates the mind, encourages innovation and creative thinking, and increases curiosity. Every new experience and piece of knowledge becomes part of the phenomenal encyclopedia stored in our mind. It is never lost—our subconscious continually refers to it in everything we do.

Ricky Kalmon’s Leadership programs are designed to focus on key players that supervise or lead key roles that influence teams and departments. The goal is the enhancement of communication and collaboration within teams and working together with common goals and outcomes.

Ricky’s customized coaching includes unique one-on-one programs for executive level staff. Executives are not immune to stress or the need to increase focus and concentration. Pushing themselves on every level can lead to inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and resulting in a lack of care for their own wellness. This program allows executives to embrace personal time without feeling they have let their own guard down. It challenges them to hold themselves accountable for their own wellness and the enhancement of tools to lead and manage. Call or email our office today to discuss a program that best fits your team.

Keynote Highlights

Create a culture of personal and professional growth and awareness of how a person’s mindset impacts their success.
Promote work-life balance that improves relationships, productivity, and effectiveness.
Powerful stress reduction techniques that improve health, energy, and focus.
Enhance communication and collaboration to enhance leadership skills.
Strengthen attentiveness and concentration to goals.
Reduce burnout, illness, fatigue, and stress.

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