Ignite Your Sales Professionals with a Growth Mindset!

Regardless of your business, sales is about offering solutions, Mindset Expert Ricky Kalmon’s Unlocking Your Selling Ability™  sales training and growth mindset programs offer your team key elements to be more conscious of becoming a problem solver and solution provider!  Each program is customized to offer your team tools and techniques to ignite their energy and potential.

Ricky Kalmon’s programs offer ways to enhance mindset, reduce stress, and create success, as well as techniques to increase confidence, positive attitude and overcome challenges.  Top leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals all have a common characteristic, which is a strong GROWTH MINDSET!

You can believe that success is by chance, and if you’re lucky, it might happen… or you can believe in your success and get your mindset working to make sure it does happen. Hold yourself accountable for your own success. Reinforce the results you want by feeding your mindset with positive thoughts that will support your goals. Mindset Matters in everything we do.  It all starts with daily reinforcement of your positive intentions.

When you embrace change, growth, and awareness with the excitement of something new, you open the door to a winning attitude and opportunities.  Change and even building resilience are the results of the repetition of positive thoughts! Training your brain on a continuous daily basis is a key factor of a GROWTH MINDSET. Positive thoughts directly dominate our mindset and affect the way we think, respond, and live. This is powerful conditioning to ultimately putting action to our intentions and making them a reality.

Ricky Kalmon’s customized Sales Training and Growth Mindset programs will take your team to the next level of success!

Keynote Highlights

Stop sabotaging your goals! Create thoughts that accelerate success!
Transform internal beliefs and doubts into positive motivators.
Reduce stress and enhance focus toward goals.
Adopt the mindset of a solution provider.
Develop the self-confidence to succeed, even under pressure.
Ignite purpose, potential and prosperity!

Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Amplify Your Life!

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