Stop and Pay Attention to Your Mindset – Stay Motivated

Stop and Pay Attention to Your Mindset

How to Stay Motivated

As a corporate motivational speaker, I have been revealing how powerful the subconscious mind truly is in our lives. The most common question asked by entrepreneurs, sales professionals, business owners, trainers, executives, and any individual looking to enhance their life is, “How can I stay motivated” and “How can I enhance my mindset and remove doubt?” ”

Do you know that withоut thе right mindset уоu might find уоurѕеlf sidetracked by уоur everyday rоutinе? Yоu mау think that you hаvе аll thе timе in thе world tо асhiеvе уоur goals. But you hаvе tо realize thаt if уоu ѕеt уоur mindset fоr ѕuссеѕѕ, уоu can аррlу it tо оthеr dоmаinѕ аѕ well. Yоu hаvе tо know that success is a battle hugely fоught in the mind. If уоu believe thоѕе dоubtѕ, if уоu focus оn your fаilingѕ, ѕuссеѕѕ iѕ going to be a lоng wау оff. It’ѕ timе tо tаkе сhаrgе of thе wау уоu think and tаkе ѕоmе ѕtерѕ to achieving more in life with the right mindset. Yes, I am saying stop and pay attention daily to your mindset and it becomes a positive habit. It becomes an automatic daily activity.

The greatest lessons in life come from two sources: what we say to ourselves and what we say to others. The language we use affects our attitude and our actions and it also stirs a reaction and response from the people we communicate with. Being cognizant of the things we say and how they affect us and the people around us, gives us the power to use our words in a more positive, persuasive way.

Having the right mindset requires us to be truly present to what is occurring.

When we are unconscious, we both initiate interactions and react to the words of others out of habit. And in the face of what we perceive as someone’s judgment and criticism, we automatically defend, withdraw or attack.

To communicate consciously, we need to attend to two areas:

  • We need to speak from awareness of what we are perceiving, feeling and needing.
  • We need to listen with an awareness of those same needs in others.

Our reality is based on Subconscious thoughts and Conscious reactions. Allow yourself the room for awareness and attention. What we say matters to the people around us and to our subconscious. We can’t take back the words we use, but we can become aware of them and change them. Become aware of your own thoughts and feelings so you can communicate more effectively. Then, your words will have a more positive impact on your subconscious and on the people around you.

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Ricky Kalmon is a Mindset Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Celebrity Hypnotist that delivers high-energy corporate entertainment and motivational keynote programs.  

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