Standing Ovation Corporate Entertainment

Did the corporate entertainment at your last event wow your audience … or was it unimpressive, or worse, forgettable? Event planners are charged with the task of finding corporate entertainment that is appropriate, engaging, and memorable. Ultimately, their goal is to find corporate entertainment that will bring their audience to their feet—what I call “standing ovation corporation entertainment.”

Many event planners struggle to find corporate entertainers who are unique. Often, they receive feedback rating the entertainment as “okay” or “same as last year.” Corporate entertainment that will not only engage, but impress their audience for months to come, has several components:

  • It is engaging. The corporate entertainer grabs the audience’s attention in an engaging presentation that is interactive. In other words, the audience participates, rather than simply observes. When this occurs, the entertainment becomes an experience.
  • It is tasteful and appropriate for everyone. An inappropriate word or gesture can be offensive. Tasteful corporate entertainment is appropriate for all ages, genders, races, religions, and hierarchies within an organization.
  • It is unique. Standing ovation corporate entertainment isn’t cookie cutter entertainment. It’s exciting because it isn’t canned or a repeat from former events. The same entertainer is fine, but the entertainment should always be unique.
  • It is customized for your specific needs and goals. This element should not be taken lightly. Most corporate entertainment is advertised as such—entertainment. However, entertainment that can be customized and aligned to your organization’s current goals serves a dual purpose—it entertains the audience and reinforces your message.
  • It has value beyond entertainment. When corporate entertainment amazes your audience, it’s great! When it also adds real value by providing strategies and techniques that your audience can begin to use immediately in their personal or professional development, your audience will benefit from it time and time again.

Imagine providing your audience with highly engaging corporate entertainment that helps them achieve their goals, increases productivity and confidence, and provides them with take-home value and tools that are empowering, even life-changing! There is such a thing—Ricky Kalmon delivers all of this and more! No two shows are ever alike, and every audience is mesmerized—even amazed—from the very beginning as they actually become the stars of the show. It’s corporate entertainment that not only produces a standing ovation, but is also talked about for months to come.

As America’s most requested hypnotist, Ricky Kalmon’s shows are always in good taste. Centered around audience participation, they are also highly interactive and engaging. It’s more than corporate entertainment—it’s an experience that will leave your audience on the edge of their seats and provide them with real strategies and techniques they can begin to use right away to achieve their personal and/or professional goals.

When you’re planning your next event, don’t settle for same-as-last-year corporate entertainment. You’ll earn the approval and applause at your next event when you provide memorable entertainment that brings the audience to their feet—standing ovation corporate entertainment. It’s entertainment that turns event planners into stars!

By William Sax
Corporate Entertainment Producer

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