The Power of Mental Conditioning in Sports

Ricky Kalmon spoke to the New York Yankees during Spring Training

How often have you heard the saying, “Sports are played on the field
between our ears”. Mental conditioning is just as important as muscle conditioning. The real question is how often it is implemented to make sure muscle memory is in line with your mindset coaching.

Successful athletes and teams know the value of removing doubt from their mindset. There is a reason why some athletes and teams are more successful than others. It is the programming of their mindset! We consciously act, respond, and live based on the programming or script written in our mind. Winning individuals and teams are always conscious of their mental programming and actions. They remove obstacles that get in their way. This is not necessarily just about removing negativity; it is a revamped way of thinking, living, and performance. It’s all about taking action.

We are not all born with an impenetrable champion mindset. Even professional athletes experience levels of self-doubt and question their abilities. That’s where mindset coaching becomes a key component to their success. Collegiate and professional sports teams recognize that the best way to enhance sport performance is through the mind. They have learned how to harness the skill of mental conditioning, which gives the confidence and focus to overcome challenges on the field, course, rink or court. Whether you are an individual or part of a team, mental conditioning can set you apart from the competition.

Aaron Boone, manager of the New York Yankees and Ricky Kalmon

Mental conditioning will help an athlete at any level improve their performance by changing and or leveraging their mindset. By making your mind a participating member of your performance routine and strategy, mindset awareness will enhance mental toughness, performance anxiety, positive self-talk, and focus and the confidence required to succeed. Mental Conditioning clears the clutter and negativity from your mind, preparing it to focus solely on the present, replacing doubt with commitment and confidence required for success.

You can only be as good as you believe you can be. Any athlete can excel with the right mindset. Mental conditioning is the key to unlocking your physical potential. If you want to bring your best game, put your head in it!

For more information on my mindset coaching and mental conditional programs, contact my office to discuss a customized program. Think it, Believe it and Achieve it! Put meaning to these words and take action!

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