3 Key Factors to Overcoming the Status Quo

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When most leaders think of corporate growth, their first thoughts turn toward research and development and being at the forefront of innovation. These are vital to sustain or grow a company’s status; however, they are just a couple spokes of the progress wheel. Corporate development and growth extends beyond technology, products, and services. In order to transform and innovate, the process starts with something much more basic, but just as crucial—an attitude and mindset that facilitates the changes and transformations that propel growth.

From C-level executives to the front desk assistant, every individual in an organization is influential in its success. Any change in the status quo requires a buy-in from every leader and employee. Belief in success is instrumental in creating growth and success in every task, project, or new incentive. Regardless of who the individual is within an organization, instilling a culture of action and belief in successful execution is key to overcoming the status quo.

Blockbuster is a good example. When approached with a partnership proposal by Netflix, their CEO laughed. After realizing that Netflix was rapidly overtaking them in sales, the CEO scrambled to transform Blockbuster by adding online movies. However, one stakeholder didn’t agree to changing the delivery of its products and quickly influenced other key members to halt online movie implementation. The status quo got Blockbuster where they were, and they weren’t about to change it. In the end, the CEO was replaced with an individual who also resisted change. A refusal to see the potential in change, the status quo Blockbuster desired became its ultimate demise.

Change isn’t always easy, but it is vital in today’s rapidly changing and advancing business climate. Every stakeholder and employee in your corporation can impact your growth and success—they can serve as a catalyst to growth … or they can hinder the changes and innovation that will take you into tomorrow. Real progress requires a belief in your vision and cooperation toward its fulfillment.

There are three key factors to overcoming the status quo:

1. Awareness and Action. Change is possible, but it occurs faster and the process is smoother when all individuals can see the potential. Change that cannot be envisioned cannot be created. Creating awareness is key to inspiring and motivating others to take the action to make it happen. Any goal without awareness and subsequent action will not be realized.

2. Execution direction. Once you know where you want to go, you have to know how to get there. Without direction, change is an aimless pursuit that demotivates and discourages. Identify specific realistic, achievable steps toward your goal, and as each is accomplished, it will reinforce a climate of cooperation and positivity.

3. Unshakable belief of implementation. It took Iver Norman Lawson 40 attempts to invent WD40, and Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before he invented the light bulb. Their perseverance required an unshakeable belief that they would eventually be successful.  This level of belief is a mindset that will remove doubts and enhance your progress.

When you change the way you think, you can change your world. Before any change can occur, there must be a mindset change. Instill a cooperative mindset by creating awareness toward your goal, instilling an unshakeable belief that it can be accomplished, and providing executable steps that will put you on the fast track toward success, leaving the status quo far behind.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill

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