How to Build Self Confidence in Your Professional and Personal Life

Tips from Motivational Speaker Ricky Kalmon on Self Confidence

As a Confidence Motivational Speaker, I am asked to share techniques that offer take home value to my audiences. How do you really build self confidence? Here is one of my favorite lines that I say during my motivational keynote program at corporate events: “Confidence is Belief’s Partner!” Confidence cannot be achieved without belief. If you fail to have faith in yourself and do not believe that you are capable of success, you already have three strikes against you. However, if you remove doubt and replace it with belief, you’ll be confident enough to step up to the plate. You’ll feel the change in your outlook and achieve noticeable results from your actions.

Do you control confidence or does it control you?

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.” ~Henry Ford

Stop everything you’re doing for two minutes as you read this email. DO NOT TAKE THE SIMPLICITY FOR GRANTED. Remove your mind from any distractions and just read.

Confidence is belief’s partner. They work together to personify and portray success, even before it’s achieved. They give us conviction which convinces us and those around us that we are capable of achieving whatever we attempt. We’re all born with confidence, believing that we can be or do anything. But as we grow older, we listen to pessimism and doubt and allow them to limit the scope of our endeavors. As a result, we close the doors on possibilities and opportunities. Confidence is the one trait which keeps our visions in front of us, preventing the dark sunglasses of doubt from blocking them out.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”; ~Author Unknown

Here are some simple, but POWERFUL reminders:

  • You are the owner of your thoughts!
  • Take control and envision who you are and want to be!
  • The only one who truly controls your future is you!
  • Hold yourself accountable to your personal and professional life!
  • Create action and awareness that delivers the results your desire!

Corporate events, sales meeting, conventions and conferences all have a common goal. Regardless of the the industry or audience, meetings are meant to motivate, inspire and educate teams. Offer your team ways to empower themselves. My motivational keynote programs offer just that and I will share more of these secrets of self-empowerment to reduce stress and create success. My programs are more than just corporate entertainment, they offer take home value.

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