Simplicity of Consistency

One Simple Step to Increase Business Success

Consistency is doing something repeatedly and the same way over time. Have you ever heard of someone who consistently is punctual? How about someone who consistently is late? We become known for the things we consistently do, or do not do. The mere fact that we repeat an action or trait time and time again turns it into a habit or pattern. If it is an admirable action or trait, great! It’s a positive habit that will have a positive impact on our success and relationships. On the other hand, if it is a negative habit, by doing it consistently, it will soon become a part of the way we conduct business and it will affect our reputation. No one wants to be known for consistently being late or always being unprepared or disorganized. The good news is that we can turn negative business traits into positive ones in a very simple way—by consistently doing or acting in a way that changes our habits and patterns.

Does that sound too simple? While it is simple, it’s ability to transform our habits and create newfound success should not be underestimated. Don’t take the simplicity of repetition for granted. Becoming aware of the things we need to change and simply being consistent about altering them is one of the most effective ways to create new, positive habits. The simple things that we do with consistency become our patterns and habits. Simply put, the more we repeat a certain action or thought, the more it will become natural to us. By repeating these simple traits on a consistent basis, they become a part of an individual’s culture.

Consistency is the key to achieving our goals and building a solid, positive business reputation. We program our self based on the messages and beliefs we send to our subconscious mind. This becomes the software that our mind follows every day. Being consistent in following up with clients, delivering exceptional customer service, and being on top of providing the latest and greatest products and services are all simple, but consistent, qualities. By staying with these simple traits, they become part of our culture and identity. Who wouldn’t want to be known for being prompt and providing top notch service?

It doesn’t take much to step back and recognize what simple traits, actions, or qualities you consistently exhibit. Are they negative or positive? This awareness, as simple as it is, might show you how to implement positive consistencies that will help you hold yourself accountable. All you have to do is consistently exhibit the traits and qualities you do want, and over time, they will replace the former negative ones. With consistency, you can use them toward your advantage.

Take a step back to become more aware of what you should change and redirect your actions toward positive reinforcement. It’s that simple!

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