Setting Exceptions that are Non-Negotiable

We must be accountable for the principles and policies that we pride ourselves on!

While we all have good intentions, it’s not uncommon for us to compromise from time to time. Every once in a while, we make exceptions to the standards we set or cut corners. We might waver from a goal or become so busy that we can’t dedicate the time and attention to deliver our very best. On occasion, that’s okay, but there are times when the exceptions we make will have a negative impact.

There will always be some things that we can negotiate, but we must be accountable for the principles and policies that we pride ourselves on. These are non-negotiable exceptions that we must adhere to and abide by in order to stay true to ourselves and be the best we can be.

What principles are non-negotiable to you? Do you set a higher standard for yourself than others? Do you refuse to cut corners? Maybe you want your business to be known for delivering the very best service or product. Even if going above and beyond expectations is the one thing that makes you stand out among the competition, that is the one thing that should be non-negotiable to you.

How can you avoid the temptation to negotiate your principles and values? First, you must reinforce them in your mind so they never get moved aside, even temporarily, by other demands and responsibilities. When you catch yourself compromising your principles, immediately stop what you are doing and clear your mind of any conflicting thoughts. Then reinforce your non-negotiable principles and values by reaffirming them in your thoughts and mind. Do this often, and you’ll realize that you’ll automatically implement them as you carry out your responsibilities. Remember, the subconscious is a powerful tool that always reinforces your strongest thoughts.

The things that are most important to you and your business should never be an exception. Don’t negotiate your success; commit to it—one thought at a time.

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