Five Things You Should Never Say to Yourself in Business and Life!

Ways to enhance your business and life.

Negative talk and self-thoughts destroy accomplishment. But even successful people can win to fail based on what they say to themselves. We must retrain our mind to believe we can achieve the things we want and build a relationship of trust with ourself that’s unshakable.

If you really want to achieve something, you must believe that you can. You must be willing to be your own coach, your strongest supporter and biggest cheerleader. You must build a relationship based on trust—with yourself.

Words are magic to a receptive listener. What you say – and think – always matters. Every single word that crosses your mind, every word you say, and every word you write helps to frame your personal reality, and, to some extent, the reality about yourself that you present to others around you. If the words are negative, you find yourself living in a narrow, limited – and probably unhappy – negative reality. Negative words and thoughts stifle our opportunities and achievements.

Feeding ourselves with negativity only reinforces and cements the likelihood that we’ll remain stuck right where we are. Changing our thoughts and words to positive ones, however, pulls us out from our current reality and magnetically propels us toward positive outcomes. If the words you feed yourself are positive, your world expands to virtually limitless horizons and becomes optimistic and hopeful.

There are five things you should avoid saying to yourself in business and in life. They are: no, can’t, not possible, never, and don’t think so. Think about what you hear when you say these words to yourself. Now think about how others hear those words when you say them.

The biggest obstacles in front of most of us are the ones we can’t see. These are words. We can see a mountain and figure out how to go around it or climb up it, but we can’t see the obstacles we create by the words we say. Increasing your awareness of what you say to yourself and others can have a profound effect on your reality and others!!! Create business and life balance with success. Be accountable.

Ricky Kalmon is a motivational speaker, stage hypnotist and TV personality. For more information on Ricky Kalmon:


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