Vistage Mindset Programs

Taking Successful Cultures to the Next Level by Reducing Stress and Enhancing Human Potential! —with Ricky Kalmon’s Vistage programs.

Did you know that most high performing individuals and leaders are actually far more self-critical, pessimistic, and fearful than they let on? Mindset Expert Ricky Kalmon, changes the way you think.  No matter how successful you may be – there are no limits on how far you can go. Ricky will show you how to awaken your mindset easily and effectively into inspired action. This isn’t the typical motivational moment. Leveraging Your Mindset is about organizational transformation.  Using the most powerful asset of your mindset, you can grow beyond excellence, into a spectacular realization of your best self. Become a better leader and be a better you.

Transformation at this level isn’t as difficult as we think. Reducing stress, removing doubt, and enhancing optimistic vision promotes momentum for Leveraging Your Mindset.  You have the ability; you have the desire.  Now, you’ll know how to get them to work for you! Don’t miss this exclusive program to learn the techniques that truly do leverage your mindset.

Benefits of Ricky Kalmon’s programs include:

  • Stress Reduction / Mindfulness
  • Overcoming Challenges / Adapting to Change
  • Increasing Accountability and Unrealized Potential
  • Reinforcing Confidence, Attitude and Belief
  • Igniting Purpose and Prosperity

Ricky Kalmon’s Leverage Your Mindset – Vistage Program with Purpose:

  • Investing in Yourselves and Taking Action!
  • Where are you now and where do you want to be!
  • How can you turn your best of intentions into your greatest accomplishments!
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs!
  • Inspiring self-awareness!
  • Being a better leader!
  • Being a better version of yourself!
  • Being more confident!
  • Reduce, Cope, and Manage Stress!
  • Adding more value to your organization and inspiring others to be better versions of themselves!

Ricky Kalmon is a Mindset Expert, Motivational Speaker and Author. Ricky works with Fortune 500 companies’ sales teams, leaders, and executives, as well as athletes and major sports teams, teaching them how to leverage their mindset. All too often, we invest in so many things in our lives, but we forget to invest a bit of time in ourselves so we can leverage our mindset in the right direction. Just like the apps on our phones need to be updated to work more effectively and efficiently, so does our own internal mindset software. As an international speaker, motivator, and mindset expert, Ricky is a Visionary Architect in Personal Growth who will take you and your organization to the next level of success.

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Results and Outcomes:

Powerful stress reduction techniques that improve productivity, job satisfaction, and retention.
Create a culture that rewards contributions, invites feedback, and values participation.
Improve communication and working relationships at all levels.
Boost self-esteem and confidence to empower employees.
Create a climate that fosters positive relationships and attitudes.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Amplify Your Life!

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