My Mobile App is a powerful way for you to leverage your mindset on a daily basis with tools and techniques for personal and professional mindfulness using motivational meditation techniques. Guided thought is a simple way to leverage your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and increase your potential. You can choose from a variety of topics and subjects that resonate with you to inspire, change, and grow. Go directly to your App Store from your phone and search the title: RICKY KALMON

Regardless of who you are, mindset counts and plays a profound role in how effective people are at pursuing their goals and enhancing their success.  My app allows you to hold yourself accountable daily to reinforce your positive intentions. Every day can hold uncertainty, yet reinforcement, repetition and self-discipline allows you to access what is important and how to further your success. This app gives you access to my mindset coaching in the palm of your hands.

My new book is also now available from my online store or direct from Amazon. Leverage Your Mindset is a powerful book that shows you how a simple investment of 10-15 minutes a day can hold the key to unlocking your ultimate success…and turn your best intentions into your greatest accomplishments on a consistent basis.

My entire career has been based on revealing how to reduce stress and leverage your mindset. I am truly grateful and humbled by my career path. It is extremely rewarding to share with you my techniques.

Awareness Creates Action!

– R I C K Y  K A L M O N