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Follow up to Ricky Kalmon’s Vistage Presentation

Hello Vistage Member,

It was a pleasure to speak to your group. I truly appreciate your participation and interest in my programs. I created this page to give you additional information on how my programs work with successful organizations. Please take 2-minutes and watch the below video.

– Ricky Kalmon

I want to help your entire team amp up their mindset, enhance your culture and productivity! I am inviting you to really lean into this powerful process and bring it to your entire organization. There is no better time than right now. You can provide an optimistic vision and put your organization at the forefront of growth.

My presentations and coaching workshops are customized for your team, helping them practice and perfect the necessary skills to leverage their mindset. The results are more motivated teams, which are proven to deliver greater profit and growth to your organization.

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s talk about how to take your culture to a whole new level.  

For more additional information on a customized program for your organization,
contact me personally:  or call 770-442-8820


Benefits of Ricky Kalmon’s programs include:

  • Stress Reduction / Leveraging a Growth Mindset
  • Overcoming Challenges / Adapting to Change
  • Increasing Accountability and Unrealized Potential
  • Reinforcing Confidence, Attitude and Belief
  • Igniting Purpose and Prosperity

Ricky Kalmon offers:

  • Live and Virtual Keynote Coaching Programs
  • One on One Executive Coaching
  • Leverage Your Mindset Support Programs via Mobile App
  • Customized Programs for Your Organization and Needs
  • Additional Customized Deliverables

Additional value added by programs are;

  • Reducing Employee Burnout and Increase Retention
  • Fosters Positive Relationships and Employee Engagement
  • Enhance Brand Loyalty and Customer Relationships

Ricky Kalmon is a Mindset Expert, Motivational Speaker and Author. Ricky works with Fortune 500 companies’ sales teams, leaders, and executives, as well as athletes and major sports teams, teaching them how to leverage their mindset. All too often, we invest in so many things in our lives, but we forget to invest a bit of time in ourselves so we can leverage our mindset in the right direction. Just like the apps on our phones need to be updated to work more effectively and efficiently, so does our own internal mindset software. As an international speaker, motivator, and mindset expert, Ricky is a Visionary Architect in Personal Growth who will take you and your organization to the next level of success.


Results and Outcomes:

Powerful stress reduction techniques that improve productivity, job satisfaction, and retention.
Create a culture that rewards contributions, invites feedback, and values participation.
Improve communication and working relationships at all levels.
Boost self-esteem and confidence to empower employees.
Create a climate that fosters positive relationships and attitudes.

Tony R. Thene – President & CEO – Carpenter Techlology

Richard Kopelman – CEO & MP – Aprio

Haywood Talcove – CEO – LexisNexis Solutions Gov. Division

Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Amplify Your Life!

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