Live Video Conference Mindset Training Programs

Stay calm, clear and focused while working from home!

Great leadership knows the importance of investing in their team, valuing their potential and leveraging a culture of optimistic vision. Enhance your organization and your team’s potential with Ricky Kalmon’s Mindset Virtual Training Programs. Every program is customized based on your team, goals and culture.

  • Stress Reduction / Mindfulness
  • Overcoming Challenges / Adapting to Change
  • Accountability and Potential
  • Confidence / Attitude and Belief
  • Purpose and Prosperity

It is essential for businesses to keep employees, sales teams, managers and executives motivated and happy in order to maintain or increase overall productivity. How is your team and leadership adapting to change, reducing stress and staying on track while working from home?

Now, More than Ever, Invest in Your Team and Leadership!

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Ricky Kalmon is a Mindset Expert. He works with Fortune 500 companies’ sales teams, leaders, and executives, as well as athletes and major sports teams, teaching them how to leverage their mindset. All too often, we invest in so many things in our lives, but we forget to invest a bit of time in ourselves so we can leverage our mindset in the right direction. Just like the apps on our phones need to be updated to work more effectively and efficiently, so does our own internal mindset software.

Here is a sample of customized programs that your team will experience in a live video conference meeting with Ricky Kalmon.

  • Reduce, Cope, and Manage Stress
  • Removing Doubt – Adapting to Change
  • Creating Your Internal Software
  • Setting and Achieving Goals – Overcoming the Status Quo
  • Performance, Productivity, and Prosperity!
  • Boosting Confidence and Belief – The Power of Self-Talk
  • You Don’t Have Problems … You Have Challenges
  • Work, Life, and Balance to be Present

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