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lost the first 10 pounds…
“I listen to Ricky’s CD almost every night when I go to bed and I am feeling great now having lost the first 10 pounds and feeling like the food is not running my life like it did.”

-Maryann Degati

down 47 pounds...
"I am now down 47 pounds and counting! My goal is another 40 pounds away and I know that I will reach it! With Ricky’s CD I am able to look at this not as a weight lose program, but rather a lifestyle for a healthier me."

-James Rota, West Palm Beach, FL

sleeping better…
“I have not been able to sleep well in years. Since I have been using Ricky’s CD, I am sleeping better and that seems incredible because its only been a week. I've learned through Ricky’s techniques to relax my mind and focus on relaxation. Prior to hearing Ricky’s CD, I would go to bed and rehearse all the activities I had done that day, causing major stress and wishing I had done things differently. Ricky taught me how to relax my mind and I'm grateful!”

-Carol Smith, Pittsburgh, PA

Reducing Stress…
“I've listened to Ricky’s CD on Reducing Stress - and I want to thank Ricky for making life nicer for me with the everyday craziness. I have enjoyed being relaxed and working on the meditation and self-hypnosis. Thanks again!”


With Ricky Kalmon's Subconscious Makeover™ you can:

  • Reduce, cope, and prevent stress!
  • Change your mental outlook!
  • Sleep better and feel rested!
  • Create energy and rejuvenate your body!
  • Remove needless worries!
  • Enjoy the physical and mental benefits of a stress-free life!
  • Create personal and professional autonomy
  • Change bad habits
  • Lose weight, exercise more often, and remove doubt.
Does any of the above resonate with you?  Then self-discovery never ends!

Ricky Kalmon is the originator of the Subconscious Makeover™ System. It is the awareness and attention that you give your subconscious mind.  This daily attention goes beyond positive thinking. It is a way of living and holding yourself accountable. Kalmon’s techniques and programs will remind you to take immediate action and create momentum towards living the life you want, not just what you desire.

Stress can lead to a variety of health, performance, and emotional issues. Stress can produce headaches, illness, depression, stomach issues, and sleeping problems. It can also lessen productivity and affect your immune system. Reducing stress is not an occasional luxury afforded to a few—it’s a necessity accessible to everyone.

When you relax, it opens the door to many possibilities. You’ll create action and awareness which will provide you with clarity and ability to focus on your goals and passions.  Wouldn’t it be great if you automatically made better choices in your diet? Wouldn’t it great if a little voice inside your head reminded you of the confidence and belief to succeed? Wouldn’t it be great if you had your very own health and fitness coach who was always there to guide you in the right direction? You can have and do all of that! That voice and guide is you! You have the ability to coach your mind so that it not only wants your body to be healthier, lighter, and stronger, but so it will also automatically help you make it happen!

Ricky Kalmon’s techniques and programs are designed to do exactly that and much more. He will show you how to get your subconscious to work for you, rather than against you.

How to experience the Subconscious Makeover:
  • Your company or association can book a live program.
  • Visit Ricky Kalmon’s online store of audio products.
  • Subscribe to Ricky Kalmon’s motivational email program.

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